The Artists' Avenue

23rd Avenue S.E., in Ramsay, is only two blocks long. Our fifty-one houses are home to artists and craftspeople whose talents include printmaking, knitting, visual arts, baking, glass-blowing, film-making, dance, music, and graphic design… not to mention some of the most spectacular gardens in the inner city.

Calgary's annual Eastside Studio Crawl takes visitors past neighbourhood venues such as the Burns Visual Arts Society, the Alberta Printmakers' Society, and ArtPoint Gallery & Studios. This weekend, let us coax you one block further to explore a community-based temporary "pop-up" gallery of arts & crafts displayed on our front lawns! Learn more about this year's 9th annual Eastside Studio Crawl here.

Help us Celebrate!

This year, Calgary is Canada's Cultural Capital. As part of the celebration, Calgary 2012 is giving away Grassroots Initiative Grants for community based projects like this one. Vote for us so that we can win $1200 to celebrate 23rd Avenue! You can vote every day before the end of August!


And... get involved! Contact us to find out how you can be a part of our street celebration. Everyone is welcome!

Who will be participating in the 23rd Avenue Artwalk & Street Celebration?

I'm actually really excited about some of the people who have signed up to participate! Watch this space for a list of participating artists and artisans. The most incredible part about this list is that these are really 23rd Avenue residents - all this creativity is packed into a little two-block-long street. Of course, we're welcoming some other Ramsay neighbours as well, just to make things even more fun. Stay tuned for updates!

What is the 23rd Avenue Ladies' Group?

Over two years ago, an impromptu neighbourhood get-together sparked the birth of the 23rd Avenue Ladies’ Group. We’ve had so much fun getting to know each other, discovering each other’s talents, and feeling that we are part of a community, that we want to share that with some new friends.

herald excerpt

(This is a piece from a comic strip about Ramsay that I drew for the Calgary Herald as part of its Project Calgary series in 2011. To see the full strip - and some more comics about Ramsay - take a look here.)

Celebrating our contemporary, diverse, creative identity

While we were pleasantly surprised to find we were a street filled with creative, interesting and talented people, we actually don't think we're any different from any street. Other streets could be doing this, too! So actually, we've been talking about doing something like this for months - finding some way we could have fun together celebrating our unique talents and interests, and inspire other neighbours and other Calgarians. So, when we heard about Calgary 2012's Grassroots Initiative Grants, it sounded like a great opportunity to do what we'd been talking about. And of course, we want to show off the real star of our group – 23rd Avenue!

UPDATED: What will we do with our grant money?

UPDATED: Due to an overwhelming amount of fabulous volunteer contributions, we have discovered that we will be able to create our displays, marketing, and signage, without the help of this grant. So, we have a new, and much more exciting, focus for our Grassroots Initiative Grant. We will put our Calgary 2012 towards a project that will contribute to the beautification of 23rd Avenue. After all, 23rd Avenue has given us so much - let's give something back! The 23rd Avenue Ladies' Group will pick a project that will benefit our street, and the community at large, and we'll keep you posted. (One idea we've talked about in the past: continuing the trend of creating public art on our houses, such as colourfully painted doors. I think I might vote for that one! But we're open to suggestions: a community calendar board at the end of the street? A gardening makeover for a house that needs one (like mine...)? A professional pruning job for all the shrubberies on the boulevards? Send us your ideas!)

Join in the fun!

Would you like to be part of this event? Do you have some art/crafts you’d like to display? Would you like to volunteer? Or maybe borrow a 23rd Avenue front lawn for a bake sale/yard sale? Everyone is welcome!

Please contact me, Sam Hester, with any questions, feedback, or ideas.

AND... "find it!"

Our event will be marketed by "Find It: Pop-Ups in Inglewood & Ramsay," a new group of creative thinkers and doers dedicated to bringing unexpected art to everyday places in these neighbourhoods. The first "Find It" pop-up is scheduled for 10:15 PM on Friday the 13th at the top of Scotsman's Hill... take a look at www.finditcalgary.ca to find out more!

double elle

If that's not enough to tempt you, 23rd Avenue is also home to our own Double Elle Bakery. And Caffe Rosso is right around the corner...

Ramsay School on Spiller Road... right at the end of our street


And the "Device to Root out Evil" is one block away!

Visit this site again soon. We will be updating it as we find out more details about the project!




street view

See you on the Avenue!

And remember...


You can vote every day during the month of July. And you can vote for more than one event, so take a look at www.gigyyc.com to see the other fabulous proposals that creative Calgarians have come up with !

To find out more about Ramsay, check out our community association website here.


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